Many Nambu pistols had been brought back by Pacific vets after WWII, and they were probably relatively everywhere. This is most likely the HW version and you can pull bac the cocking bolt for single action mode. Due to recent changes in shipping regulations, we are only able to ship blank firing and replica guns to UK Mainland addresses. We buy and sell Nambu Pistols, so if you have one for sale, contact us! Nambu Type 14 Pistol, 8mm Nambu, 4 3/4 barrel, one mag. There were also a fair number of Lugers around in the 50's too. This is a Nambu Type 14 pistol made in the Nambu / Chuo Kogyo arsenal under supervision from the Nagoya arsenal. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Length 35.5cm It was intended for sale to officers, who could purchase it either through commercial channels or via a co-operative association (the Kaikosha for the Army, Suikosha for the Navy). The standard sidearm of WW2 Germany which started in 1933 was the P-08 Luger Pistol with a 4 inch barrel. The Nambu Automatic Pistol Type B, or “Baby Nambu” as it is known in US collecting circles, is a scaled-down companion to the 1902 “Grandpa” Nambu pistol.It was intended as a private purchase option for officers who needed to carry a sidearm, but did not want or need a full size service pistol. UH-GR-GI. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Replica Model Guns And Launchers. Reminiscent of a Luger, the real pistol is quite hefty and large, yet comfortable and easy to operate, albeit somewhat delicate. Gun #: 984804517. A good quality reproduction of the U.S. Army Model 1842 M. Aston and Co. percussion pistol. Aston Percussion replica pistol. Heavyweight construction closely replicates the real Nambu Type14 Features the LD-2 adjustable hop-up system, easily adjusted with the screw in the ejection port 1:1 replica of the real deal pistols In the past days, Hyperdouraku has been going to some Imperial Japanese Army weapons used in World War II, and for this latest review, the Marushin Japanese Imperial Army Nambu Type 14 8mm Gas Blowback Pistol is reviewed. Legacy Collectibles has Japanese Nambu pistols for sale from World War 2. The Type 14, itself a simplified update to Nambu's own Type A pistol, was designed in the general's last days and was first produced by the Chigusa Arsenal for service with the Imperial Army. Bill Ruger probably got a hold of one or both and liked the overall look and feel of it and said "yeah this would be cool if it were a .22!" Made in August of … The Nambu Type B pistol, commonly known as the 'Baby Nambu', was a scaled down version of a military pistol designed by Major Kijiro Nambu. Replica P08 Holster P08 Holster. Sub Machine Guns (12) Replica Imitation Pistols (48) Launchers And Rockets (19) Replica Historic Guns (81) Machine Guns / Lsw (36) Gun Parts Replica And Air Weapons (17) Rifles (29) De-activated Firearms (0) One Off Weapons (0) Shotguns (8) Grenades And Ordnance. A magnificent replica of WWII era Luger hard shell holster of high quality black leather. The Marushin replica, is a 1:1 ratio. BLANK FIRING & REPLICA GUNS SHIPPING. THE classic Japanese military pistol, and certainly the best known, the Type 14 Nambu pistol is a unique pistol of unique design.