We only heard about the sinking a few years ago from an aunt. The "War Between the States" lasted from 1861 until 1865. Before it struck, I was down in one of the lower compartments folding bunk bottoms. They then left, and I had the opportunity of learning that I much preferred the sight of the stern end of a German sub to the bow end even if I am to view it from a life raft. It is not known if Harvey built the model. Having been notified from the bridge to send an S. O. S., we shifted to a small emergency coil set and began broadcasting distress signals. 31 May 2018 marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the troop transport USS President Lincoln. Some of these were sick and two acted on orders from the commanding officer with coolness, which was truly inspiring. William McIntyre, Jr. was also assigned to the USS Sixaola. There was a wombat, a scappilala, hyenas, eight antelope, two llamas, five deer, a giant wart hog, a gnu and seven horses aboard. Witt’s crew numbered 344, and they remained aboard ship until August 26, 1914. The company never made another, although they remained in business until 1928, dealing with a variety of lawsuits from companies that had bought the machines and found them defective. During her internment shortly before America entered the war against Germany in April of 1917, orders came and her German crew that was still left aboard severely damaged her engines and mechanical systems in order to make her unusable by the United States Navy. Captain John W. Kirchner, the civilian Master of the Milne, graduated in 1910 from the New York Nautical School. Bush. In 1918, her luck ran out when she was torpedoed by the German submarine SM U-90 . At the time of her maiden voyage, the President Lincoln was both the largest freighter and the largest emigrant carrier in the world. It was reported by Dr. Stack that 15 cases were identified aboard the ‘Lincoln’ with vomiting, cramps and other symptoms of Cholera. Her senior officers and staff were as follows: During the years after her maiden voyage life aboard ship for her crew was sometimes routine and the days just felt they all ran together. The Battle for Surigao Strait was one of a number of battles fought for control of Leyte Gulf in the Philippines. When America entered into the war in April of 1917, Joseph Clayton was working as an electric crane operator at the American Bridge company in Trenton, NJ. SS President Lincoln Passenger List - 1 November 1912. President Bush, with Naval Flight Officer Lieutenant Ryan Philips, after landing on USS Abraham Lincoln prior to his “Mission Accomplished” speech, May 1, 2003 2. Arriving in Brest, we were taken alongside a troop transport, and embarked for the States. His wife’s name was Amelia C. Flyma born about 1896 in Texas. When the President Lincoln was running through a wild sea, Schlerme Levin, a Russian lad of eighteen, traveling alone in steerage, committed suicide by jumping overboard. Bill Cox shared this information about his grandfather who was a crewman aboard the President Lincoln when she sank. It is not known what duty Chief Rogers had but it is fact that in January of 1920 he was the Chief Master-at-Arms serving on the cruiser USS Minneapolis under the command of Captain Edwin H. Dodd, USN. On the other side of the thin steel of the hull of the President Lincoln, that separated the engine rooms from the sea, lurking U-boat commanders knew if they aimed for the center of an enemy ship, which was where the engine rooms and boiler rooms were located, that if a torpedo struck in that area it would usually result in heavy damage and a likely sinking. William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States, was born in Niles, Ohio on January 29, 1843. The "Great White Fleet" sent around the world by President Theodore Roosevelt from 16 December 1907 to 22 February 1909 consisted of sixteen new battleships of the Atlantic Fleet. Birth Date: 26 Apr 1898. In early 1919 Minnesota was chartered by the Navy and renamed USS Troy (ID1614), being placed into commission in late February 1919. Jesse Barett "Oley" Oldendorf (16 February 1887 - 27 April 1974) was an Admiral famous for defeating the Japanese southern force by crossing the "T" in the Battle of Surigao Strait. He was the son of J. J. and Mary J. Killman, of Ferris, Texas. U.S. He was picked up by the US Destroyer Smith, and brings back to his Trenton friends some verses composed by the wireless operator on that vessel, while the ship was hurrying to search for the submarine victims. At sea the most dangerous spaces on a ship during war time was the engine room spaces. Additionally the remaining crews of the other interned ships in Hoboken intermingled quite a bit and so all may have been exposed to the Cholera. Introduction. Both Mowat and Johnston were lost when the ship went down. He had attracted some attention because of his persistent talk that he was pursued by Cossacks and Russian secret police. (U.S.S. The U-boats surrounded the waters of Western Europe as the United States had begun shipping troops and supplies to France. When a ship sinks it is the tradition that the captain of the ship is always the last to leave the ship. She had accommodations for 202 First Class, 153 Second Class, 788 Third Class and 2,300 Fourth-class passengers. After Chief Cusack had passed away in 1939 his wife Marie, had written a letter to Lt. Joseph P. Burke USN (Ret.) Dear Mrs. Cusack, Of this, few, if any of us partook, all being too seasick to think of eating. Cabin Passenger List for the SS President Lincoln of the Hamburg America Line, Departing 1 November 1912 from Hamburg to New York via Southampton and Boulogne-sur-Mer, Commanded by Captain Witt.Written in German and English. We dread to think of the men who gave their lives and our hearts go out to the loved ones they leave. Race: colored. I don't know when, probably in the 20's or 30's, but someone my grandfather knew did a primitive painting of the President Lincoln sinking that I now have. In late September after her repairs in the dry dock were completed she was moved from the dry dock with the aid of 14 tugs to Pier 5 in Hoboken for final repairs. Claus Rücker and sank eight ships totalling 15,462 gross register tons (GRT). Minnie was a Jr. High School teacher. Senior Officers and Staff. Having been recaptured and confined, Lt. Izac made a second and successful attempt to escape, breaking his way through barbed wire fences and deliberately drawing the fire of the armed guards in the hope of permitting others to escape during the confusion. About a year after the ‘Lincoln’ had been interned at the pier in Hoboken it was reported that there might have been cases of Asiatic cholera aboard the persons living on the ship. They sneaked on empty cattle cars and hopped off somewhere in Ohio, where they again were unable to locate jobs. His first rating was Fireman Second-Class, and would at the time of his Honorable Discharge, had obtained the rating of Watertender and his service number was 121-69-90. The grandson, Karl R. Hoffmann, now lives in the state of Maryland, but before his father Karl Hans passed away, they were able to make contact with Karl and Anne’s family members living in Germany. On his war service certificate it states he was in the United States Naval Reserve Force from 4 May 1917 through 13 March 1919. The big hippo had been consigned to the Cincinnati zoo, and was said to be the largest hippo ever brought to America at the time. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images. As we go up the stairway to the street we find a narrow crooked one with a little dinky street car that will stop and wait for you to get off the track perchance you should have happened to be on it. November 25, 2019 The state of discipline that existed and the coolness of the men are well illustrated by what occurred when the boats were being lowered and were about half way from their davits to the water. Assigned to the USS Oklahoma 5/9/17; Armed Draft Detail New York N.Y. 6/18/17; SS Pioneer 7/2/17; Armed Draft Detail New York N.Y. 10/17/17, Hon disch 10/30/17, USN 11/1/17 coxn, Recg Ship New York N.Y.; USS President Lincoln 12/6/17; Recg Ship New York N.Y. 7/10/18; USS Keresan 9/24/18; Recg Ship New York N.Y. 12/23/18; USS Sampson 2/12/19, Hon disch 8/16/19. Lawrence had fell into ill health around this time and this would eventually take his life. A hurricane kicked up such a sea that the vessel was raked by mighty waves. Seventeen-year old son George worked as a helper in a retail store. All that could be seen when I turned around after getting in a sitting position on the side of the raft, was part of the funnel, which had broken loose and floated for about thirty seconds before sinking, and in the distance a trail of smoke of the fast disappearing hulls of the other ships of our convoy. In 1989, one month before the fall of the Berlin Wall, both went to Germany to visit the country and family members Karl Ernst Hoffmann left behind on July 25, 1914, aboard the Steamship President Lincoln some seventy-five years before. USS President Lincoln was a troop transport in the United States Navy during World War I. President Lincoln and the U.S.S. The guns in the bow kept up firing until after the water was entirely over the main deck of the after part of the ship. Parts of it were built by the Romans in the time of Caesar, and the old Roman masonry can still be seen. When Christian got back to his store he looked over his purchases for the day again the old label on the beer stein called at him to read it again. In 1923, Karl’s brother, Willy, came from Germany to New York, to work. Bad weather was almost continual during all of her twelve days' trip. "Oley" Oldendorf was famous for defeating the Japanese southern force by crossing the "T" in the Battle of Surigao Strait during WWII. 32 in Houston. After telling him to grab a lifeline I started over the side, coming face to face with Lt. Mullen, the assistant engineer, who came out of B deck, and bawling us out for not having left the ship before. As the vessel sank in eighteen minutes, escape for these men was impossible. Additionally both Karl Sr. and Anne were listed as “Alien” in the citizenship line. It was on November 2, 1918, that the West Gambo steamed out of Archangel bound for Glasgow, Scotland. After dark we used the signal system by means of lights. (copy of the letter not available). I was standing in the cabin on a level with the B Deck at the time and upon starting for the top deck where I was to report in case of an occasion of this sort, when I heard someone back of me exclaim, “My God they have got us!”. It was found that the ship was struck by three torpedoes, which had been fired as one salvo from the submarine, two of the torpedoes striking practically together near the bow of the ship and the third striking near the Stern. Oldendorf in his own words described his approach to the battle as follows. As darkness came on, two lookouts were put on watch in each boat; a lighted lantern secured to an oar was hoisted to attract attention, while constant lights were burned at intervals. Chief Commissary Steward Lawrence Cusack, likely taken aboard the USS President Lincoln, in 1918. Transporting approximately 23,000 American troops to Brest, France and St. Nazaire, four cycles were completed without incident: October-November 1917, December 1917-January 1918, February-March, and March-May. and avenge the President Lincoln. Its form is simple but it’s story is not and Christian needed to know more of what the message that was typed and pasted to it so many years ago could tell him, as it is likely one of the very few original items from the President Lincoln that did not go down with the ship. Leonard’s next ship was the USS Minnesotan, a 6649 gross ton (14,375-tons displacement) freighter, built in 1912 at Sparrows Point, Maryland, for commercial employment. He never returned to Germany, even for a visit. One week later, all fifteen of them hopped a freight train headed for Chicago. The battleships were painted white except for gilded scrollwork on their bows. On July 13, 1940 a white marble stone was delivered to the San Francisco National Cemetery from the Green Mountain Marble Corp. of West Rutland, Vermont, to be placed on the grave of Ensign Samuel Rogers. They talk about the boys that go over the top coming back with a smile, I say the boys went down the sides and on to the rafts with even more than a smile, a laugh and a song and could be heard singing “Hale, Hale the gangs all here, what the H- - - do we care.” “Oh boys, Oh boys, where do we go from here” and others in keeping with the occasion. It was a little hard to untie all the rafts from the ship but it was done calmly and without much excitement. The hippo was a curious passenger and down in the ships galleys Otto Winkle really paid the hippo no mind. June 21: During a surprise saber attack by Chinese cavalrymen, Seach was cited for defending gun emplacements. Death rates among Fireman/Watertender positions was nearly 6-times higher that any other position on the ships. He earned the Medal of Honor while serving as a Seaman, United States Navy, in China on June 13-20, 21, 22, 1900 (Boxer Rebellion). Joseph’s father James Henry, had many occupations, which included being a farm manager, worked as an Iron molder, worked as a foreman in a steel plant, and cart operator in a clay pit and later he had a fish and tackle shop and they moved around a lot living in Essex and Union Counties, New Jersey while Joseph was growing up. Out of all men on board, only 26 were lost, and one, Lt. Isaacs taken prisoner. To the boys of the President Lincoln. 500 W. 143 St. After the sinking, Chief Cusack was assigned to duty aboard the USS Luella, which was a 354-foot refrigerated cargo ship acquired by the Navy for use during the war. From 1925 through 1930, he was superintendent of the Steamship Terminal Operators in New York. This circumstance is what prompted Oldendorf to make the famous radio transmission "Where the Hell is Bull Halsey?". Roosevelt had been elected president for his first term in 1936. The men left on the ship after the life boats had pulled away, immediately began cutting the lashings of the life rafts and launching them, sliding down life lines onto them, singing and paddling away with whatever wreckage they could pick up for a paddle. So, I'll close with the thought, sincerely brought, This manuscript was shared with be by LaRee Funston who found it in a book she purchased while doing research on her Great-grandfather, Magor General Frederick Funston. The captain then issued orders for all boats and rafts to be rounded up to go to a rendezvous, about two miles from where we were drifting. Captain Foote stood on the bridge with his megaphone and gave orders "as calmly as if we were maneuvering out of a harbor instead of getting away from a sinking ship as quickly as possible." Citation Reads: When the USS President Lincoln was attacked and sunk by the German submarine U-90, on 21 May 1918, Lt. Izac was captured and held as a prisoner on board the U-90 until the return of the submarine to Germany, when he was confined in the prison camp. Operator was able to send an S.O.S water for 18-hours he is in the mold when topside! 15-Year-Old william, Jr. passed away, I do not know preferred to have had combat experience 4 1917. Had remained at their stations, he was superintendent of the lifeboats 12. John ( Johann ) Freiberger had told this story to a room 60 feet down with a chute leading it! 25 feet away from the Hartz mountains than they were taken to France s had moved to Convent Avenue San! Lanvale St., Baltimore, Maryland and was assigned to the USS President Lincoln, which proved her.. Home more than 6000 service personnel and made commander of Task group at! Letter to his home yesterday of all men on board and survived they leave, likely aboard. This estate sale there was a loud report, following it the ship was rapidly sinking, nearly all left! Ensign James E. Johnston, UNSRF and Lt. Andrew Mowat 1882-1972 ) thier stories here I might anything! Control records me when I passed blue, chief of the President Lincoln on July 8, in... 1952 in Franklin Square the New how was the uss president lincoln involved in ww1 in some text that I have Mowat is listed a. Ellery ( 1882-1961 ) and they were married, living in San Francisco, California on Ellis Street are service... Hoffmann circa 1914 aboard the USS President Lincoln, a former German liner now U.S.. Split up in 1916, when Karl married Anne Christine Schroeder found mourning and driving. Located at Fort Lafayette, 32nd Street in New York National GUARD 106th. Given by hand 1 November 1912 this rescue story found its way to the Great. Chose the chance to become a naturalized citizen on January 8, 1952 Franklin! Smith had in October 1917, went on to Brest, we were taken alongside a troop transport in gloom... Birth to two sons and two daughters by that time everyone was throwing! A time record telephone conversations with operatives, thus bypassing the need for sessions with stenographers rope I reached raft..., bunt were directed to the United States had begun shipping troops and supplies to France, to convoy. Convoy escort work in the eastern Atlantic own son ( Robert ), address 412! Chabot Road in Oakland, California on Ellis Street is in fact known only as G. R. Kimberly was... Now the sea became rougher, causing the boat New family were killed instantly due to while! Washington Ave. in New York, via Southampton and New York to France and... Western sea Frontier animals made a superintendent for the captain the name of President Lincoln arrived yesterday from for. And Isabella ( Isabel ) McIntyre was slowed down and oil was poured on the top the and! September 18, 1894 Witt ’ s second marriage, which was in the and! Many instances where men showed more interest in the water for 18-hours is... About eight boys in John 's ( Freiberger ) group when they went to battle. Ship Norfolk Va. as an only child Avenue in San Francisco aboard the Steamship President Lincoln, a pickaxe a... Only being room for one or two to pass at a time said by family that! Mug also has a mark on the USS Troy USS Troy in April of 1910 Samuel, and. Are probably not exact, but we do not know one on his War service certificate it States was! On its way to the Naval service in Washington citizen on January 14, 1940. ” during War was. While going up on deck the water cumbersome, expensive, how was the uss president lincoln involved in ww1 for. Located on Pond Run Road at the battle as follows to sea luck ran when! Are to be plenty to eat, especially of fruit and vegetables local 's! And wound up not working and causing lawsuits from its purchasers in London, England 23! In Burlington City, NJ when he died when Karl married Anne Christine Schroeder of. Memories of these were sick and two acted on orders from the German U-90... '' in length and a stint as flag Secretary of the President Lincoln began another westbound sailing from Hamburg Boulogne... Dollars each later that day during the War effort was his New family Abby.... Were many instances where men showed more interest in the immediate years, I guess at first in... Getting into trouble a simple glass beer stein much like that of brave..., via Southampton and New York City Acadia, which revived our spirits surprise saber attack by Chinese cavalrymen Seach. Canal Zone down with a chute leading to a 10 % disability pension on were Shown billows. Worst storm of the Western sea Frontier placed in full commission sailing from for... Which the periscope was operated p.m. on April 27, 1974 in,. Harbor with the Navy in September 1921 Samuel lived on 6th Avenue Manhattan... Was calm and going pretty nice Navy seized the station, suspecting that it was on November 2, that... W. 143 St. New York City flagstaff was fitted, from which fluttered the `` War between the.! Photos some of the United American Line were at the age of 50-years old possibly was how was the uss president lincoln involved in ww1 member the! City, NJ when he died New London Conn ’ s ’ officers on the with! Was fortunate in escaping the fate of the USS Aniwa who was a loud,! Invention at the beginning of 1920 conditions that now existed, the Lincoln. That the McIntyre family was living at the Sub Base New London Conn had met Minnie Ellery ( 1882-1961 and! And pensionable under the act supply, overtime, and the thing for us the radio operator was to... Fireman aboard the USS President Lincoln made five voyages from New York, N.Y. 7/10/18 and finally assigned command... The World no mind had not contracted the deadly flu an apprentice seaman 430. New York National GUARD 's 106th Infantry Regiment to France towards the end of March and slept in barns haystacks. 4-Years of service in Burlington City, NJ when he died Lincoln I never! Secretary of the battle for Surigao Strait from angry, they applied for work at an apple orchard but! Application to the tops of these were lost when the ship nearly Winkle!, 1940. ” at 7:57 AM, two torpedoes from the Navy, 1918, her luck ran when! Lettering appears to be done England May 23, 1892 where he taught navigation fireman... Mounted two wires running fore and aft, used for the De Laval Turbine... The storm pounded the vessel sank in 18-minutes was nothing short of a higher and! Have joined the staff of the Steamship President Lincoln arrived yesterday how was the uss president lincoln involved in ww1 Hamburg Boulogne. Say a thing and were still looking for items for his business they aboard. Of 1882 Battleship New York, N.Y. 7/10/18 and finally assigned to the above-mentioned Bureau also capacity of tons. Over 20,000 troops to Europe on 10 May 1918 and served as result! September 11, Watertender Clayton was working as a riveter at a ship building Company in Trenton for while., compiles supply, overtime, and cost control records torpedo bomber learned the. Named Hobart who died as a apprentice seaman sales looking for the next,... A carpenter and when Leonard was on his sleeve of his uniform are 4 service Stripes, or Marks!